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People with eating disorders, of course, are not going to go around saying I HAVE AN EATING DISORDER I HAVE AN EATING DISORDER. It’s a quiet disease. We’re either ashamed of it or scared of it or protective of it. We’re not going to walk up to everyone who offers us food and say, ”Sorry, can’t eat that, I have an eating disorder.” Much like someone with cancer is not going to go around stating to everyone that they have cancer. An eating disorder is not fake. It’s not a diet. It’s not something you can turn on and off or silence or just put away for a while. Again, if you’re offered pizza and you have an eating disorder, of course you’re not going to state that you do indeed have this illness, but you are going to either refuse it (and then obsess over it for the rest of the night and not be able to think about anything else), accept it, (and obsess over the calorie intake and what you’ll have to do to work it off and obsess over it for the rest of the night and not be able to think about anything else), or accept it and then excuse yourself to go to the bathroom (and then obsess over it for the rest of the night and wonder if it’s all gone and think about all the exercising you’ll have to do to compensate the calories that still might be in your stomach). No, it’s not something that everyone has to know and we don’t WANT people to know and we go to great lengths to appear normal and we go to great lengths to keep it a secret from everyone, but do we deserve respect and awareness? Fuck yes we DO. You can raise awareness about an illness that kills without going around saying, “Read this pamphlet about eating disorders. I have one.” but you can raise awareness just to raise awareness. Most people are ignorant. They believe that you CAN turn it on and off and silence it or just make it go away and they just don’t realize how hard it is to live with this. It can happen to anyone. Anyone is at risk for developing disordered eating habits. And people don’t know what it is. You don’t have to go out and make posters and walk fundraisers. You can do something as small as reblogging a picture that raises awareness because we DO deserve awareness. People think this is taboo. People think we’re taboo. Why should we be treated like we have leprosy? So, hell yes do we deserve this week. We deserve to have our voices be heard. Now shut the fuck up. We deserve this.
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    National Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2012 "Everybody Knows Somebody"
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